Located in Healdsburg, Northern Ca.
Documenting wedding days throughout wine country, the Bay Area and worldwide.

About Section Danielle



Hello there 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me and take a look at my work. I’ve been photographing weddings with Gretchen for over 10 years and have made her clients a priority in my life and business. In general, I photograph portraits on my own so saving weekends to work with one of my best friends, documenting her clients’ special days, has been a perfect fit.

Over the years I’ve watched and learned Gretchen’s style of working in order to create a cohesive gallery for her clients… all while keeping a bit of my own twist in there of course. What do they say about eyebrows? “They’re not twins, they’re sisters”. I could never BE Gretchen, she’s a beautiful, courageous and talented enigma all her own, but I can lend my voice and eye to highlight her clients’ wedding days in a style that blends together like the beach and the sand. Sisters, not twins.

I’m a mama to a talented guitar playing, history-loving, kind young man. He’s my joy and my inspiration.

And I’m a beach loving, mountain roaming and river tubing mama enjoying all that this beautiful state has to offer. Occasionally I dream of moving somewhere else for the sake of adventure but I can never find somewhere I love quite as much. Northern California has my heart. Until I find somewhere else I’d lay down roots, I’ll take plane tickets and destination weddings to bring me around the world.

The small moments have always been big for me. In wedding days and in all of the other days too. Singing with friends on a road trip, loud laughing family dinners, holding hands at the movies with my partner and warm cozy snuggles with my son & kitty. It’s, for me, those little connections that make life so beautiful.

I’m a huge fan of people’s hearts, and surrounding myself with love and laughter is a dream come true.  I specialize in the in between moments; the window light touches and deep breaths before saying “I do.”

Below are images taken while on location with Gretchen. Enjoy & I look forward to making some magic with you!