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Tim & Jessica // Sebastopol Chenoweth Woods Wedding

March 26, 2020

Gretchen Gause Photography | Chenoweth Woods Wedding Photographer #weddingphotographer #chenowethwoods #healdsburgweddingphotographer #sebastopolweddingphotographer #forestweddingphotographer

It’s no secret that I love a good old fashioned belly laugh. It’s literally my super power and the reason my husband fell in love with me. A few other things that I love are dancing and more dancing. This crowd is apparently in full agreement.

A) The groomsmen brought a boombox (dating myself and I’m ok with that) to their fella’s formals part of the day and totally laughed and danced their way through them. I highly suggest this mode of action.

B) The dance party following the formalities was off the hook. Like literally incredible. The DJ, the louder than loud sing along, the flowing bubbles and wardrobe change. It was insane. Plus I saved someone’s life. Maybe that’s dramatic but someone fell off another person he’d climbed on top of and I caught the back of his skull on the way down inches from the cement. So I guess that’s what you get when you hire me too 😉

Love these two incredibly joyous hearts, their connection and their community. Would do it all again tomorrow!

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In my house I print everything. I have stacks of prints that have yet to make it into albums but to me, the organization isn't what's important, it's having the prints to spread out on the floor and talk about with my two children. We've been doing that since they were tiny and the stacks just grow and we share more about what they remind us of and laugh together and sometimes cry a little too.

My son Dorian is 16 and my daughter Hazel is 18 and when they were 3 & 5 their father, my husband Igor, died of suicide. I hesitate to share this with you all because it's kind of heavy but I want you to know where my value in photographs comes from. My prints, those ones that we spread out on the floor, are the stories that they have left and are what keeps my memory fresh. We get to see his happy grin, his dance folly and the hugs he gave his loved ones. There are no possessions I treasure more than those images and there is no gift greater for Hazel and Dorian.

As we print new photographs of our lives, our story unfolds before us. We can map our journey as a family now of three. We can see where the images that include him stop and where our smaller team began and we have hand held evidence of our joys and our adventures reminding us always of the meaning and humor, regardless of loss, in life. 
Wedding days are such precious crowns of tenderness and hope. They bring people together that might otherwise never see one another. They can build bridges and mend broken hearts. I want the experience for you, of spreading out your images, picking each up and being reminded of that moment's joy and the people you shared it with over and over again. 

I photograph weddings because when memories fade, as they eventually do, what you have left are the photographs; physical, celebratory and lasting evidence of what was a magnificent coming together. Wedding days are for laughter and promises and gathering and they are an example of all things good in the world. If that's not worth documenting with full heart I don't know what is.

I'm eager to learn about you, your journey here & your wedding day dreams.


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