Located in Healdsburg, Northern Ca.
Documenting wedding days throughout wine country, the Bay Area and worldwide.

Q & A

Kindness and inclusivity:

It’s rough waters out there. Folks pushing past and honking their horns; among the sweetest of roughness. If we can find a way everyday to just be kind I say let’s go for it. I want to always work with folks who take this to heart and make it a mantra. Maybe that means taking a deep breath instead of saying that one thing on the tip of your tongue and maybe that means working with a non-profit to eliminate homelessness and hunger. I know there are all sorts of acts of kindness and the good news is that we need it all, big & small.

I work with all kind people. All of you.

Can you tell me about your wedding experience?

I began shooting weddings in 2000 and back then all of my client’s weddings were shot on film. At that time I shot with 35mm Nikon F5s and loved it. I loved it but boy was the contraption for fitting a flash on there bulky! In 2005 I hit pause on shooting weddings for the most part and had my daughter and then son. My husband and I moved to Idaho and bought a house with just enough land for a big garden and a flock of chickens. I homeschooled and shot mostly for myself. When I became an only parent in 2010 I immediately went back to shooting for a living (and moved home to CA) but the industry had changed. It had gone digital. This was a massive change for me but countless 4am nights caught me up to speed. The ability to try and try and try without spending too much meant I could experiment and grow quickly. Since those days I’ve grown deeper in love with documenting tenderness and ephemeral moments.

I shoot roughly 23-25 weddings each year and have shot more than 200 weddings.

I received my BA in Art/Photography from SFSU.

I know you focus on true moments but can you talk about formals?

Yes, I’m more than happy to follow a list of formals. I totally understand that having a deliberately shot photo of you and your grandmother matters. I ask that you create your shot list of family formals before the wedding so that you can let those folks know when to be where and I can cross those images off as we shoot them. Consider that each of those images takes 2-3 minutes to shoot so create conscientiously. It’s easy to go wild with a list but remember it’s a wedding day day for two. It’s not super likely that you’ll print and frame a shot without your new spouse in the image also. There are always exceptions but something to consider!

Are you a full time photographer?

I am. I have shot weddings full time since 2011.

Do you have travel fees?

Travel fees depend on where I’m traveling to. Within an hour of my hometown of Healdsburg there are no travel fees. Within a few hours of that, and depending on hourly coverage, I ask that clients book a hotel room for me. Outside of that there are so many variables and I’m happy to chat about your specific needs.

Do you bring backup gear?

Yep! Plenty of backup gear!

Do you have liability insurance?

I certainly do. If your venue requires a certificate I’m happy to provide that.

When do we see our wedding photos and will they be edited?

Once I finish photographing your wedding and upload the images I cull out the images that I don’t plan to deliver. I then color correct and stylistically edit each image before they are uploaded into a private gallery for you. Images are delivered within 8-10 weeks of your wedding day. I do not deliver RAW files.

Have you shot at my venue? Do you need to do a walkthrough with us?

It’s likely that I have shot at your venue but if I haven’t that’s great too! They were all firsts at one point. I always arrive an hour before my start time to wander the property, say hello to the team and gather some inspiration. Walkthroughs beforehand are usually unnecessary. If you have a particular set of circumstances that require beforehand knowledge and would like to book a walkthrough we can work together to do so.

How much coverage do I need?

I’m more than happy to help you create a tentative timeline so that you can answer that question and book the right number of hours for you.

How do we book you?

Your date is yours with a retainer of 50% of your total and a signed contract.

Can we chat pricing?

Yes we can. Totally. Take a look here for full day pricing. I photograph weddings that are 8 or more hours Friday through Sunday. If you have a weekday elopement or small wedding please reach out for further pricing.