Located in Healdsburg, Northern Ca.
Documenting wedding days throughout wine country, the Bay Area and worldwide.

Danielle Portfolio


I’m Danielle


photo by Nataly Zigdon

I’m a California girl through and through and mama to a sweet little fellow. I’ve been photographing weddings with Gretchen for over 15 years and have no plans to quit any time soon 🙂 I first picked up a camera in elementary school and by Junior High I was hooked. I hardly looked back from there. I’ve been photographing people from early on and am grateful everyday for all of the moments I’ve had the privilege to be a part of because of my work. It may be sappy but I often leave weddings in major awe of how truly beautiful humanity can be.

Connections with people have always been huge for me in my life. Wedding days and all of the other days too. It’s what makes this life so sweet. Singing with friends on a road trip, loud laughing family dinners, holding hands at the movies with my partner and warm cozy snuggles with my son & kitty. All of those things are what make life worthwhile.

I’m a huge fan of people’s hearts and surrounding myself with love and laughter is a dream come true.  I specialize in the in between moments; the window light laughter and deep breaths before saying “I do.”


PS: Huge fan of love right here. Huge.



Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.
— Rumi