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My commitment to championing inclusivity, respect, and equality is unwavering. I am dedicated to creating an environment that upholds these core values in my business and in the world. Therefore, I want to make explicitly clear that I do not work with organizations or individuals who are members of any hate group or whose values align with them. It is my resolute belief that diversity, understanding, and compassion should be at the forefront of all interactions. By ardently advocating for these principles, I strive to create an unwaveringly positive and inclusive experience for all my potential clients. 

I know you focus on true moments but can you talk about formals?

Yes, I’m more than happy to follow a list of formals. I totally understand that having a deliberately shot photo of you and your grandmother matters. I ask that you create your shot list of family formals before the wedding so that you can let those folks know when to be where and I can cross those images off as we shoot them. Consider that each of those images takes 1-3 minutes to shoot so create conscientiously. It’s easy to go wild with a list but remember it’s a wedding day for two. It’s not super likely that you’ll print and frame a shot without your new spouse in the image also. There are always exceptions but something to consider.

Do you have travel fees?

Travel fees depend on where I’m traveling to. Within an hour of my hometown of Healdsburg there are no travel fees. Within a few hours of that, and depending on hourly coverage, I ask that clients book a hotel room for me. Outside of that there are many variables and I’m happy to chat about your specific needs.

Have you shot at my venue? Do you need to do a walkthrough with us?

It’s likely that I have shot at your venue but if I haven’t that’s great too! They were all firsts at one point. I always try to arrive an hour before my start time to wander the property, say hello to the team and gather some inspiration. Walkthroughs beforehand are usually unnecessary. If you have a particular set of circumstances that require beforehand knowledge and would like to book a walkthrough we can work together to do so. Please inquire for walkthrough pricing.

How much coverage do I need?

Gretchen, We are obsessed with your work. 

—  Ava & Madison

Truly - We cannot reiterate how much joy these photographs have brought to us, our family and our friends.

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