Located in Healdsburg, Northern Ca.
Documenting wedding days throughout wine country, the San Francisco Bay Area and worldwide.

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In my clients'

"We had the immense honor of having gretchen shoot our engagement & wedding"

and to say that her talents blew us away is an understatement. She effortlessly captured the big moments, intimate ones with our friends and family, and all the fine, aesthetic details in-between. We will cherish these precious photos forever.

— Ferdilyn & Bernard

“Gretchen is a bright gem in the dizzying world of choosing wedding vendors." 

We have nothing but accolades for this genius! She has a way of making you forget that you're being photographed and instead it feels like you're hanging out with a fun friend.

— Christina & emmett

"Gretchen, we know you hear this quite often but what you shared with us was truly special."

You captured every emotion, each subtle pause of joy, and endless amounts of love; You made us look like mafia bosses in one picture and Romeo and Juliet in another! The world needs more Gretchen’s.

— philippa & matthew

thank you Gretchen!
We are absolutely over the moon!

We already adore you, but we were still a bit nervous about being in front of the camera and unsure of how to pose. Your infectious joy and incredible care made the entire shoot such a wonderful experience. You made these moments happen in the best way possible, and we love you so much for it!

— Brian & Nick

"Gretchen gause =
the. best. ever."

Who needs 1k photos when you're only going to hang 3 or 4 up in your house? I do! I need all 1019 of my photos. They are ALL AMAZING!! Which is why it's so hard to decide which to frame. Maybe I'll just make a wallpaper out of them...

— Max & Luke

"Gretchen truly has a gift."

Her photos had an editorial Vibe to them that seemed to capture exact moments in time. THAT is what you look for not only in a wedding photographer but in someone who is a TRUE PHOTOGRAPHER.

— Mike & Irish

"when we received our photos my husband
and i were blown away."

Our cheeks hurt from smiling for the two hours we just spent looking through them - she captured everything perfectly. The vibe, the colors, the warmth - I could see each happy moment in the pictures being played out in my mind exactly how I remembered it. Bottom line, Gretchen is a class act and her photos will make you weep with happiness.

— Kelsey & Vish

In your photos, we see an openness and humility in front of ever-changing surroundings, and an understanding that the day being photographed is one among many. Rather than strive for an artificial sense of importance or manufactured emotion, you search for the enduring, minute details that compose the feeling of a given time and place, capturing fleeting convergences of personality and light.

—  Kathy